OxyFarms Roadmap

OxyFarm-Genesis [ Q1 2023 ] 🌿

The first launching of 4.444 NFTrees are on sale on Ethereum network. Oxychain is building its first OxyFarm in Uruguay where the first 4.444 trees will be planted.

  • February: Pree-seed round
  • March: Whitelisting


First plantation and Platform building [Q2 2023] 🌿

Our first OxyFarm will be launched in Uruguay, where we are going to plant 4.444 trees as the cornerstone of our project. During this time we are going to open the platform to receive proposals for sustainability projects. OxyFarms proposals will be gathered and made available, to further be presented to the community.

During this period, the project reserves the right to make decisions on which projects are chosen, however in the next phase that will change. Oxychain beta DApp will be also released, it will contain the basic features of the Oxychain platform for compensation and regeneration, where users can get and trade OXY tokens, release OXYs and measure their impact.


Oxychain TGE [ Q3 2023 ] 🌿

We are planing a token generation event towards the third quarter of 2023, where we are going to distribute Oxychain Ecosystem tokens “OXG”s. OXGs are governance and utility tokens for the Oxychain ecosystem. The total issuance of OXGs will be, and 1% of this will be distributed to OXF holders from OxyFarm-Genesis. OXG token holders will be able to vote on proposals.


Oxyverse & Global Decentralized Forest [ Q4 2023 ] 🌿

Create and amplify our metaverse. More NFTs will be on sale and the tree plantation will continue to grow. The space in the metaverse is scaled 1:10 relative to the existing lands, where the trees will be planted. The metaverse is limited space and it will grow as we have new lands to plant the trees and create the OxyFarms. In collaboration with [partnership to be announced], we are going to deploy our project in the metaverse, where partner projects will be able to plant NFTrees in their lands.

We will be partnering with a blockchain launchpad [partnership to be announced] to fund the OxyFarms choose and build a decentralized forest all over the globe and create biodiversity bridges between private and public land.