Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are NFTrees?
They are non-fungible tokens carrying the seed to kick-off the OxyFarms DAO and plant real trees. NFTrees are boxie trees that will live on the metaverse, planted in digital fields.
2. How many NFTrees are out there?
There will be 4.444 NFTrees in our first OxyFarm. During this first seeding round for our project, every NFTree minted, a real tree will be planted.
3. Where are the trees going to be planted?
The 4.444 trees will be planted in our very first OxyFarm, a field in Maldonado, Uruguay. The plantation will be finalized by Q2 2023 when we will host a gathering to promote future and larger OxyFarms.
4. Who is going to take care of the OxyFarms?
The OxyFarms projects are taken care of by specialists, ecologists and environmentalists by region. We are creating a network of partners in the sustainable ecosystem that will contribute to this process.
5. Can I get to see the tree’s plantation process?
We will be sharing the different stages of this process on our socials.
6. What are Oxychain Ecosystem Tokens (OXG)?

OXG are Oxychain governance and utility tokens, it will allow the project to create the roots of the Oxychain and OxyFarms DAO to further develop the network. NFTree holders will receive 250.000 Oxychain Ecosystem tokens (OXG) per NFTree bought.

7. When would be the OXE drop?
The OXG drop is planned to occur in Q1 2023, as we pave the road to do our IDO.
8. Will the NFTs be sold on other marketplaces?
Primary sales of NFTrees will be on this portal. NFTrees tokens will appear on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea for resale purchase. NFTrees will adhere to the ERC-721 standard.
9. What are you doing about the environmental impact of your NFT collection?
During the launch of Oxychain platform, we will compesate our project emissions through calculations based on approximations by an auditing company.
10. How do I purchase ETH?
In order to purchase a NFTree, you will first need to get Ethereum . Ethereum can be found in wallets, exchanges or crypto on-ramps, you can use Trust wallet or Metamask to buy enough ETH to buy your NFTree. There are many other services such as Coinbase, Gemini, Binance, that would help you do it.
11. Why is there a preminiting planned?
The project reserves 222 trees for team, partners, marketing campaigns, influencers, and further stakeholders that have been actively helping the project happen, promise and commit to remain actively participants and help the ecosystem grow.
12. What’s the price of an NFTree?
The price during the pre-seed would be 0.05 ETH per NFTree, a presale stage will have the NFTs in 0.075 ETH, and during the sale the price will be 0.1 ETH , giving an advantage to those who participated and supported the project in the first place.
13. Is blockchain sustainable?
Our genesis drop is in Ethereum because we believe leveraging an established network with extensive interoperability will position the community in a very good place, however, our further developments will be developed in networks where the impact is wide less.
Oxychain, sister platform and broader ecosystem, is creating solutions to allow project participants and stakeholders on Ethereum network to compensate on chain their transactions.
Nevertheless, we believe that the team behind Ethereum is doing their best efforts to release an eco-friendly version of the chain, and we hope that change occurs soon!
We are betting on the capacity of some of the best technologies and smartest people on the planet, and at the same time we work hard to avoid unnecessary.
14. What kind of NFTrees there are? What’s the difference between them?
There are three different types of NFTrees: Normal, Rare, Legendary; There is no difference in these NFTrees in terms of price or in terms of access, all are random NFTrees of different categories.