Collect unique randomly generated


while planting trees in real life.

4.444 NFTrees
4.444 real trees!
Each Oxyfarm will have a real location on earth with a limited area for afforestation and in the next phase they will have a digital representation on the metaverse.

We are on a mission to generate a Global Decentralized Forest through the creation of multiple Oxyfarms.

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For the first phase we are testing the model of 1-to-1 NFTree minted to real tree planted on designated area.
If you are a Landowner wanting to participate on this epic journey. Please register here and we will get in touch.
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Trees provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. Not only these, trees also conserve energy, save water, hep prevent soil erosion and provide food.
Trees are amazing!
When you buy an NFTree, you’re not simply buying a tree or a rare piece of art. You are gaining membership access to a private collection whose benefits and offerings will increase over time.
Your NFTree can contribute to the world’s ecosystem and fight pollution.

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